A  tale yet to be discovered... 

This website is for everyone and anyone whose heart desires to express but is maybe too busy to create their own site, too timid to show off their work to the world or even maybe a bit timeworn but with a mind full of ideas. This is a place for imagination with no judgement. Tell a story, your story, any story and let everyone delve into the creativity of your mind. Let your fairytale begin.

Please note that the copyrights remain with the author of the stories. This website doesn't claim any rights on the content posted nor the images, if any. We strongly recommend that the name and surname or distinct signature of the author is visible at the end of every story. This can be edited either in the content itself, or added as a comment section of the "Post Your Story" page when the story is being uploaded.

If the author wishes to upload the story anonymously, then they should mention this in their post in the comment section of the "Post Your Story Page" or directly in an email to the editor of this website: rosita@tellytell.co.uk.The story will be uploaded anonymously, however the editor of this site will keep a record of each author and relevant story. This way the author keeps the full rights to the content, even when it is posted anonymously.  

If a story is uploaded without an author's name or signature, the editor of this website has the right to refrain from publishing the story if found necessary.

The editor has the right to not allow any content which is offensive, promotes violence, has a graphic content or is considered harmful.

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