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Horror and Mystery Stories

August 14, 2017 TellyTell No comments exist

    John pushed the body out of the way with his foot and closed the door, then went back inside and sat on the couch with his head between his hands.  The temptation was to panic – but with the rest of the world panicking, he knew that a clear head would be the…

July 30, 2017 TellyTell No comments exist

      With a parched throat, the icy winter air, cut deep into my lungs as I struggled to keep my stumpy fingers warm. Blowing on them, with what was left, of my semi warm breath, brought no relief. Before me, was the evidence of rivers gone by, canyons crudely chiselled with blunt tools….

May 23, 2017 TellyTell No comments exist

Prologue   In the dark gloom of the early hours, with lights extinguished, the estate car reversed slowly off the main road into a narrow side-street and then continued to creep on down to the riverside, where it finally stopped at the top of an old, disused, slipway. A man, dressed from head to toe…