Real Story: Galaxy by Lotte Roy

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Author of Lotus-eating Japan. This piece is excerpt to the larger work “Lotus-eating Japan: Who is this man I hardly know?




The Galaxy that exists, let me explain this so called reality. 


One where the mind is constantly questioning its 24-carat reliability. 


There are the Sundays when a congregation meets, 


They go to the church but I think it is a euphemism for something else… 


A cult, a clan, a brotherhood, a cohort, a gang of sorts, 


And where was it again, you say Bahrain or lying off the west coast, 


Somewhere in the sea in proximity to the continent? 


The network works wonders at sniffing you out, 


Discovered on Google the coordinates of your current hide-out. 


How lucky for you to be sailing the seven seas,  


With my pretty penny in the pocket, a globetrotting life of ease. 


Makes me curdle inside and brings me dis-ease. 


The mind creates this framework to compensate for the irrational, the illogical. For six months on, the conditions remain, whereby a ransom be paid, another drop of sheer urgency, to secure the loot, of filthy lucre hidden away…that will someday be here, you say, early in the day. You have got to be joking admits the logical side, it is a trap…yet reminders from dear Sunny Jacob keep intermittently being sent… 


Dear customer, 


The termination of your holdings in our storage will take heed.  


Cover the fees promptly or lose it completely.  


Lose what I beg? My savings are all depleted, I have nothing more to lose, take it I surrender. 


This world where interplanetary connections network indiscriminately, preying on the frailty of systems.  


Where are the law-enforcements I hear you say? The viral spores keep infesting, savagely weakening your immunity. Not protected? Pull the plug and disconnect, no other option to escape. The notion of privacy, an ideal once cherished, now leaves us fully defenseless in our vulnerability. The whims of malevolence infiltrating with their presence, they being the Big Brother`s adversary, the Black Knight of hackers, the strategists with a mission, to plunder and pillage, that of a by- gone tradition. With modern tools at hand, they stealthily encroach, the system we entrust only loosely securing the surface. The infrastructure at play, is weak and leaking, a system so sick, the unravelling such a blessing for the hoodwinkers persisting. Their clandestine operations, no detection is made of their malicious operations…beyond the system, beyond the law, a paradigm shift feeding into their own coffers, unleash the RATs, let the invasion begin! 


There exists submerged, in the undefinable abyss, a whole other world interconnected. Acting in ways more pernicious, simply put vicious. To the naked eye, we cannot perceive the vandalism of the viral cataclysm undertow. With every breathing moment the network ticks over, exhorting their conniving ways yet to be surfaced. How is one defended from the dragons breathing down your throat? Switch it off and ignore it? Was once, an option for the cold callers of a bygone era. They reside in your system, flooding and clogging the veins of your communication; that which defines your very existence. 


The penetration immeasurable afflicting the networked system, once thought of as a selling tool for your convenience. Raiding sources, stealing details and data…how foolish we have become in relying on such a complex web of integers. 


And what of the corrupting channels? Who do you turn to when forcibly violated? There is no hard evidence, no weapon, no scars, nothing visibly detected. Faith in the order sullied by man`s duplicity…how does one overcome and survive unscathed anonymity? 


Given the fast-paced ever-changing progress marked in IT, laws cannot even fathom the principles of restriction nor define their application. 


Let chaos take over, let the cracking thwart existence,  


Until another fall victim. 


How long do we wait, how much do we endure,  


At what point do we stop and give attention to the menacing threat,  


Playing havoc in my system, and with my head?  


Where is the succour when sorely needed?..ah the cavalier pretense. Not of particular interest, not of concern, we have more important issues to undergo. 


Have some data, some information of interest…do you not want to at least investigate the links? My sources, the very weakness of system, the faulty connections, not hermetically sealed for your protection. Such a leak, such a link, have mercy on me. Curiosity screams, the pursuit of investigation weighs high, a glimpse into their world inadvertently transpires. A fraternity of members, from all corners of the globe, non-gender specific, how coming- of-age the posse has become. A vessel afloat and fully equipped, off the shores in the Atlantic or Pacific or both, where a gang of profiteers subsists. 


Who are you? Where do you come from? This cartel of thieves, a consortium of diversity as evidenced in the listing of languages: of English, Arabic, Vietnamese and Thai, a sprinkling of European strains strategically selected to add fuel to the marauding on nigh. Working in tandem on an assignment, you sense there are a few engaged on any one project: en masse this violation, of scamming and cheating the innocent. 


Have you paid off enough for your presence afloat in the bay …oh what a haven. Of disparate individuals forging a fraternity; the collusion of criminality, I just pray that guilt does afflict your barometer of morality. Sadly though temptation has corrupted the soul, and sucked you dry, stung you permanently…scarred you for life…Have pity for you the long lost sons and daughters… Wickedly conniving, yours is one of anger; a fire burning in desperation you know no other. 


Stepping outside the system, what a dare! By sheer connection, my eyes are now wide open to the very function of manipulation without a gram of pity; incorrigible in your pursuits, shameless endeavors in raping the minds of your young female victims. 


What is worst you toyed with her spirit, played with her mind, destroyed her confidence and scarred her outlook on life. Yet beyond all of this, she has wizened to your ways, she has learnt to overcome such terror, and is more determined these days. 


Where do you sit so mighty and high, 


Another Galaxy, another planet beyond the sky? 


How does it look from your angle there,  


By my own admonition a reproachable character, 


Can you see me as you sit and stare? 


Ah the cohort of thieves,  


Attempting to wrest her precious dignity,  


Do you know just how this feels?  


Confounded I am left lamenting the depravity of character, 


And beg for mercy, a slither of compassion. 

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Real Story: Galaxy by Lotte Roy

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