Online: The world, Now by Matthew Jones

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Chapter 1

The Morning of the Job





“Titan Alarm”






Crawling out of bed I saw the last flickers of life from the now broken alarm clock. It was 8:51am on the 14th of May 2120.


“Titan I feel old,” I thought to myself looking at the clock flicker and die with a final buzz from the speaker as if saying “ooouuuch”.


The alarm usually went off at 9 but I can only assume that A.R.C.H.I had changed the time.


Laying on the bed and looking up at the ceiling that morning I thought to myself “I’ll be 24 in 10 days’ time.”


With the thought I looked towards the bathroom door and look at the other clock in the room that was above the bathroom door. This clock told me something different, this clock told me the date and time in the On-line world. According to it, it was; the year 21, month 5, week 7, Day 6 at 05:59:00 or simply put 21-5-7 6 5:59:00


Seeing that I thought to myself “It makes me feel better when I look at my age that way. It makes me only 7 and a half years old”. I chuckled to myself as I pushed the remains of the smashed into oblivion alarm clock into the bin, next to my bedside table.


Sitting up in my King sized bed that morning, I said to myself “ Best get ready.” As I turned to get out I continued my monologue by saying “I just hope a job comes through today. I got bills to pay at the end of the week.”


Swinging my feet out of the bed and to the floor, I slip my slippers and merrily walked into my bathroom. I hoped that today’s shower would be a nice long hot shower unlike yesterdays freeze feast.


The bathroom was typical of the area I lived in. It was small and if you swung a cat would hit all 4 walls. If you stretched up you could touch the roof, but I would not change where I lived or the area because I love it here. The shower itself was next to the door on the left as you walked in. White with chrome fixtures, the glass was clear and without a pattern and I liked it that way. The toilet was next to it and was like many other toilets, white plain and at the same time stylish. Opposite the toilet on the right-hand side wall was the sink, which sat on top of a nice, small, oak brown cabinet set, built in cupboards and shelves with a mirror and a bright light over the sink. It was a personal treat that I had got, with the money I had been given to me by my parents when I had moved in. The oriental style reminded me of my parents and their place in Shinken district to the north west of me.


As per usual for the shower and for me, the shower, as usual, started scolding hot but, gradually ran down to Artic frozen. It was so cold that I could swear to the fact that there were ice crystals coming out of the shower head and hitting me.


Thinking to myself about the situation and this happening almost every, single, morning I came to the realisation that “I should really get up a little earlier.” The situation comes about almost every morning by the fact that Mr Hogger, who lives on the second floor, loves to have a blisteringly hot and extremely long shower and thus uses up, almost, all of the hot water.


“Really need to look at fitting my own in house boiler” I though as I got to the stage that I could not stand the cold any more. With the shower freezing my bits off, I decided to get out of the shower. Opening the door, grabbing the towel I began to dry myself off. As I did I sang and hummed to the new song from the band that lived down the street. To be quite honest they where really good, but I did wish they would turn down the volume every so often.


After getting dried and using the hair dryer I got myself dressed into my usual outfit, which I always hung on the back of the door of the bathroom. My usual outfit was; a pair of black utility trousers, a nice white polo shirt with my Rustic Utility Jacket and a pair of nice comfortable runners. I always wore this outfit as it had always helped me in situations that I got myself into and today felt like I was going to need it. By Titan I didn’t realise how right I was on that thought.


Before leaving the bathroom I looked in the mirror, at myself, and saw a beautiful, successful, albino Asian woman, thin but tall with shoulder length white hair and brilliantly bright blue eyes.


Seeing myself in the mirror I thought of all the other people like me and what happened to them “I’m so lucky” I thought as I looked in the mirror again. As I continued getting myself ready I commented saying “I still can’t believe I did it. I have made it in this world and still have my looks and dignity.”


 Walking out of the bathroom I headed through my room to the other door and out into the lounge/kitchen of my flat. The room was by far the biggest room in my flat. The bedroom door was in-between where it was the kitchen and where it was the lounge. Next door to my room on the kitchen side, was the door to the second bedroom, Sammy’s room. Further up along that wall was the hallway which, lead to the front door. Off to the left, if you faced the front door, behind the kitchen, was the bathroom. The bathroom there was for guests and for Sammy even though he never needed it.


For me that morning I first went over to the On-Line machine at the opposite site of the lounge to check what Archi had installed for me. But getting there and opening the only message on it revelled to me Archi had no test for me. It was very peculiar. Archi always had a test for me when he woke me up early. It did not matter if it was an On-line one or an Off-Line one there was always one.


Feeling a bit confused by this at the time, I decided that I best get breakfast and thus walked back to the kitchen. Entering the kitchen area, I decided to make my favourite breakfast, toast with Vegemite and a big glass of apple juice.


Having waited for the toaster to finally cook my toast, I headed to the lounge and sat down at my two seater table near the doors out onto the balcony. Sitting at the table, I began to watch the news on my paper and see what was going on in the Off-line world. I had skipped the On-line section as I was not really interested in the On-line affairs. I rarely go on-line these days as I feel it has become too fake. As I read the Off-line world section for some reason, a story caught me eye, it was about a new round of arrests of ex W.O.L.V.E.S. (World Off-Line Virtual Enemy Section) members. The story said that the online arm of the organisation W.O.L.F (World Off-Line Federation) had planned to smuggle malicious code to take down major servers around the world. But as I begin to watch the news item with more interest, my mobile begins to ring.


A quick look at my watch to see who it was, found me seeing nothing but random letters and symbols. Knowing some to scramble their ID’s to remain anonymous, I decided to pick up the phone by pressing on the answer button on my watch.


“Hello,” I asked expecting nothing or rubbish to come from the other end.


“Shiro? The Courier?” answers a raspy voice, but distinctly an elderly male.


“Yes, you have her. What do you want?” I reply expecting a pitch for some annoying product that no one wants.


“I don’t have time to explain everything but I have a job for you. Write this down.” The urgency of the person put me aback. I would normally answer back to try and calm them down but on this occasion something said me to just do it. So, I picked out a pen from my pants and then grabbed a pad from the opposite side with my other hand.


“Ok, go for it”


“The address is 13 Delta Road, Old Town. Post code is 21-2-1AA. Pick up time is 3 pm. Do not use public transport and…Do not be late!”




With that, the caller was gone with nothing more said. I quickly finished writing the details of the job before thinking about what had just happened.


“Don’t use public transport?… No details of the job or even a delivery address?… No time to explain?…Weird one.”


Putting the pen and pad back in their perspective pockets, I continued to think about the job. I thought about it for a minute and decided that I should do it or at the very least go to the address and find out more.


At this point I looked at the time, it was now 9:30. “3pm … 5 and ½ hours… across town in Old Town District … well, best get moving.” I thought getting up from the table.


Walking away from the table I walk back into my room. Once in my room I walk straight over to the cupboard and open it. With it open, I proceeded to push all of the clothes on the left side of the cupboard to the right. At the back of the cupboard on the back wall was a little button. The button was a small button, coloured the same brown as the back wall of the cupboard. The colour hid the button at a glance but when you looked properly you would see it. Pressing the button, I stood back as the backboard moves to reveal a rack with not only tools and gear but also a couple of weapons and their respective ammo.


Reaching into the cupboard, I grabbed my normal gear for work. This included my utility-belt, flash-light, my small cross chest bag and music player. Taking a few seconds to think I decided a few special things might be needed for this job. Looking at a few things I decided to grab my signal jammer, skeleton key, and skeleton key card, my small gun that I called Susan with 12 rounds, 6 inch knife and my box of many tricks. However I decided that the camera was not going to be much use on this job.


On hearing the cupboard open my house mate, Sammy, came out from his room to investigate what is going on. Entering the room he asked the most obvious question “Got a job, Miss?”


Sammy was an A.I Robot that I had saved from death for something he did not do.


As I grabbed the last of my gear from the cupboard and putting it into its rightful place on me, I answered him softly “Yes, and I don’t like the feel of it,”


“Why don’t you turn it down, Miss?” he asked watching me put the final parts in place.


“Work is work,” I reply grabbing an extra 6 rounds of ammunition for Susan.


“Miss are you really needing that… Thing?” looking shocked to see that I had grabbed Susan from the cupboard.


“Something tells me that… Yes I will need Susan on this job” before adding without taking a breath of time “And No I will not reconsider, we need this job and we need the money it brings in”


“Ok, Miss.” he sighs and walks into the lounge and begins to vacuum the room with his feet. I walk into the room and turn towards the door before looking back at him. Looking back now Sammy looked worried it was almost like he knew what was coming and what this job entailed.


“Don’t worry. I will be back soon and I will probably be wrong about the feeling I have. But as always you know what to do if you get a blank text from me or just my name, don’t you?”


“Yes. Miss.”


“Good. I said as I began to walk towards the door. About half way up the hallway I stopped and asked Sammy something.


“Sammy, can you look at my P.O.D? I have the feeling something is watching me when I am on-line”


Sammy stopped vacuuming the floor and then looked at me “You asked me 2 days ago, remember?


“Oh yes” I replied thinking back and then felling embarrassed I asked him. “Did you find anything?” I continued hoping he had not told me already.


Sammy rolled his eyes and replied “Ok, I found nothing unusual on the P.OD and everything was running normal. All I found was ARCHI doing the same thing as usual. Now stop worrying you will stress yourself out Miss.”


“Oh ok” I said


ARCHI, was a program I had installed a few years ago, if I remember right in 2118. The program was “Another Researcher Challenging Human Intelligence” and was designed to test it’s subjects in different ways every few days. One of its favourites for me was waking me up early. I had installed it as a friend had created it for there Psychology Thing at University and I still had it running as was still using the results in her papers as a Psychologist.


“Be careful please” Sammy said realising I was about to start leaving again.


“I will. Oh and FYI, I kinda broke my alarm clock again can you fix it for me?” I sheepishly asked knowing he would not be happy.


“Will do” he sighs as if to say “AGAIN”


With that, I walk out the door of my little flat. I was on the 3rd floor of the complex and would have to walk down as the Lift was dodgy and out of order again. Mr Townsend almost lost his arm in it last week when the lift door closed too quick and started to move. It was luck I was able to pull his arm out in time.


With the lift broken, I walked down the narrow stairs to the ground floor and through the narrow corridor that linked the lift area to the exit towards the street.


Reaching the door to the outside I waited as the old motors on the door slowly slid open the door for me to let me out onto the street of my neighbourhood of Mooi.  Upon exiting the building I instinctively look down the street towards the outer wall of the city to see if anything was coming up the road. The wall surrounded the city as a way of protecting the city from Tsunamis but had been used in the On-Line Wars which only ended 14 years ago. Also in that direction was the district of Wormstrum, is a less well-off area of the city and the appearance proceeds it. Less colour and more dark in tone with darker greys and dark greens make the area look and feel Ominous. The area is plagued with densely packed housing making any navigation through it hard.


Saying that, doesn’t ask about the smell if you know what is best for you. The area is a more seedy area than the rest of the city. The area is well known as a great place for people to hide if you have friends of that type. If not, you would be ratted out within seconds of entering the area, heck half of them in that area would “rat” their own mother if they thought it could get them more street cred.


Lucky for me I need to head up the street and through the district. The look and feel hiking up the street was the complete opposite of Wormstrum. Whites, blues and light greens where the dominant colours of our area. The Light greens came from the vines and other plants that grow up the buildings produce beautiful flowers that make the area smell sweet and natural, even if the plants are unnatural.


“Got to love GM,” I thought, looking at the flowers blooming blue, mainly, because it now being spring again. At this moment they also smell of vanilla. The flowers in our area bloom all year round and are different in colour and smell depending on the time of the year. For example, Red and smell nutty, it summer, Purple and smell of cinnamon, its winter, and by a long way my favourite Green with the scent of Apple, it’s defiantly autumn.


As I walked up the street in the direction of the job, I have to walk in the direction of a better off area, which is called ‘New Town’, which I will have to walk through. This makes me think of my neighbourhood and what it is like.


Where I lived, Mooi, is a small quiet area between the areas of the rich, New Town, and poor, Wormstrum. Mooi could not be described as middle class. If anything it could be better described as and have the make-up of a small village. With not only rich, who don’t have enough money but too much heart to live in the rich area of New Town and some poorer people who have more money than the people in the poor area of Wormstrum but also have more heart than them too.


Our little area is great with everyone spread out across the area and happily mixing with each and being civil. No wonder our area is called the ‘The Nice Place’ by people.


Saying that I pass by Salecl’s Shop and Café, I see Mr Salecl out on the front takeaway counter.

“Hello Shiro how is your day going?” calls Mr Salecl looking up from his work.


Mr Salecl is a Green man with a small family. His wife works out the back of the shop in the morning, she does a very nice Breakfast. In the evening Mr and Miss Salecl switch because his dinners are by far the best in the area.


Hearing him I stop and turn towards him and reply “I’m fine thanks. Yours are looking nice and green today”


“I’m feeling much better now that I had more sun yesterday” He replies “Got a job I see Shiro” pointing to my belt and watch on.


“Yer it came in this morning heading over to the Old Town District, any tips on there since you used to live near there?” I asked as I come over to the counter.


“Where abouts you going in Old Town District?” He asks looking a little worried.


“Delta Road” I replied reaching the counter


“Wooo” Mr Salecl takes a step back.


“What?” I asked knowing his response


“That area is rough at the best of times and now is not one of them” he replies returning to the counter.


“Whys that?” I asked as I leant onto the counter.


“Tomorrow.” was his reply


I thought for a second and it dawned on me “Oh” was the only thing I said


“Oh indeed. Many of the workers came from that area and there is always trouble. You know how drunk they get in that area especially the night before, aka tonight.” He said before grabbing a pie from the oven.


“Don’t worry I’m just going to pick up a package and leave. Plus anyway I have thought ahead. I’m going to get my bike from New Town so I can be in and out of the area as fast as possible.” I reply comforted by the fact that someone else was concerned and advising me.


“Good to see you are thinking Shiro.” He says wrapping up the pie “That’s why you are known as the best in the business.” Mr Salecl the passes across the counter the pie he had just wrapped “Now have this”


“I can’t do that you have a business to run” I replied pushing the pie back to him.


“Take it. You always need lunch and you helped us get this shop. So, no arguments.” He pushes the pie back to me and puts a sachet of Tomato sauce on top of it. Deciding best not to argue with a generous man. So, picked up the sauce, put it in my top left pocket with the rest of the box of tricks. As I did Mr Salecl realises I don’t like Tomato sauce and asked “Why?”


“You never know when you might need a sachet of sauce in this business,” I replied grabbing the pie and putting it in the main part of my bag.


Mr Salecl leant on the counter and looked at me before nodding and saying “True, true. You did use that toothpick and a straw to make a blow dart to kill that fly last week that had been annoying you while you were having dinner.”


“I also said that anything can be a weapon you just need to know how to use it.” I retorted back turning to leave.


Mr Salecl nodes, before adding “You take care Shiro I don’t want to lose my favourite customer.”


“Don’t worry you Big Green Master Cook. I will be back tonight and you make sure there is a table for me” I replied walking away down the street towards New Town again.


“Will do” is the message I hear back as I walk on down the road. I wave and press on towards New Town.


As I walk down the road towards ‘New Town’ I pass more of the Green community and there now thriving businesses. Most operate in the Off-line world only but a hand full have started to have a small On-Line presence. Walking passed them gets me thinking about how they got here in the first place, how far they have come and how much they still have to go to be really seen as equals in this world and in the On-line world too. You could say that the world is accepting them as equals in their own time and not just as animals or an experiment that has gotten out of hand but as humans You could say the world is Going Green.



Chapter 2: Story 1


Going Green


Published 2094




It was in early 2036 that concerns about the rising population of the world and the need for more food and water for this rising population. This job fell to no-one in the preceding years but after much dithering and stalling, landed in the UN’s lap to deal. By this stage it was urgent as fights and wars began to break out across the world and not just in developing countries.


Fights over fertile lands and clean fresh water supplies had started happening more frequently. More and more countries with little natural resources started becoming aggressive in the foreign policies towards countries which had plenty natural resources.


It was decided that by the end of 2036 a decision was made on a way to help deal with the problem. Thus, in March of 2037, a competition was launched to bring out ideas on solving the problem. The prize was US$5 Billion ($500,000,000) to the group or person who came up with a sustainable way to solve the world food and water crisis.


With that, a small Lab decided to look at modifying humans rather than trying to modify crops. This was a dangerous and bold decision by the lab as since 2025, anti-mod groups had started to pop up in response to gene manipulation. At the time gene manipulation had being looked at and used in solving human disease and disabilities. These groups actively sort out labs and hospitals that did this line of work and destroy them. These group thought nothing of kidnap people to stop what they called “…the unnatural manipulation and mutilation of Gods design”.


So in secret, the small lab, began work next door to a large scale lab that was experimenting with crops. The larger lab decided to help the small label by labelling them as the Human Resource department help cover up the existence of small labs work.


The brief of this the small lab was to find a way or ways to reduce the per person consumption of food and water. This was to be done by manipulation of genes or by the replacement of genes.


Starting from this point, it was decided to look at mainly animals for the solution. Moreover, they decided that tackling the main problem facing the world at that moment in time, water consumption. This made the lab decide to look mainly at desert animals for a possible solution to the problem.


In just a couple of years, they had experimented with animal genes and then been able to produce a prototype human called Dave in mid-2039. Dave was perfect as he drank 50% less water than a normal human, however the success was short lived. The cost for drinking less was a monstrously increased food intake to compensate.


It was worked out quite quickly that although he drank less, he got the other 50% that he needed from eating raw food. The end result was sadly a failure and Prototype Dave’s gene pool was scrapped. It is unknown what happened to Dave after the failure of his gene pool as all records were destroyed to protect him. It’s thought he survived into old age.


After this failure, an investigation commenced to find out what went wrong. In came to light that in a drive to reduce the water intake of Dave, the scientists had become tunnel blindness and therefore missed the problems. This was reinforced when it was found it had been flagged as a problem in the early animal prototype tests.


After this the scientists went back to the drawing board to try again.


It is not clear when but, one night after the failure of the Dave gene pool, one of the scientist was clearing out the old work and decided to take a break. The scientist went into the plant research area where he saw one of the other scientists, sitting relaxing watching an old movie from the early 1990’s. The two scientists sat and watched the movie and discussed the problems they had with their different projects. The failure of Prototype Dave and the crop manipulation to reduce water consumption. When during the film a young scientist women got transformed into a plant-human hybrid. This one scene helped the scientist to think of the problem anew. Rather than reduce the water consumption reduce the food intake of each person. This change was drastic and was thought too much of a shift for the others to agree too. They were wrong, and research and development started straight away.


From late 2039 to Mid-2042 the lab, needed more and more resources at creating a plant-human hybrid. This led, in late 2040, to the Crop and Plant Manipulation Department, the larger lab, being seconded, then merged with the smaller lab. At this point the two labs renamed themselves the Future Thinking Labs, but continued to hide the Human Gene Manipulation Project.


The merger helped boost the research by bringing in many highly skilled and experienced Botanists and Herbalist from the larger lab. This meant that originally the development and prototyping with animals would take until the end of 2045 but now could be brought forward to late-2043. This acceleration was underestimated and by July 2042 they were ready to try and create the first human-plant hybrid.


The first attempt managed to get the baby growing inside a host mother, however, 3 months into the pregnancy, the mother’s body began to be attacked by the foetus. A few days later,bad news came through that the baby had died as a result of the mothers more powerful immune system fighting back.


This setback meant that a quick gig of a couple of genes where needed and by the end of December 2042 they were ready for attempt number 2.


In this attempt, it was decided to artificially inseminate 2 women at the same time. The first was a one white lady in her 20’s, the other was an African lady in her late teens. Over the first 3 months, the pregnancies went well. But, again at mid-way through the 3rd month, the mother’s body came under attack by the baby. In response the doctors started giving the mothers immunosuppressive drugs to help the baby survive. The drugs weakened the mother’s immune system enough to not over power the baby’s immune system and kill it but still have enough of a immune system to protect the mothers body.


Over the next couple of days the conditions of the mother’s and there baby’s improved and by the end of the 4th month, the mothers could come off the immunosuppressive drugs. It is still not understood why this happened.


By the 6-month mark things began to change and it was for the worse. This time, it was the mothers who became the concern for the doctors and staff.


Starting at the beginning of the 6th month, the mothers started going off meat and other animal products. A week later they hated being inside and wanted sunlight as much as possible. The staff recognised this and adapted the routines of the women to accommodate this. But as time went on the women became increasingly hostile towards to the doctors and staff caring for them. As this happened the doctors and staff started to notice that the women’s skin turn a light shade of green. In response to this the women where moved to a room with outside space but high walls. Blood tests were taken to look at why they were turning green.


The situation did not improve and by the end of the 7th months, it became impossible to go near the women. Their skin had turned almost slime green in places like under the arms and behind their knees.


It was decided that emergency C sections might be needed if there conditions went downhill.


Entering the 8th month the doctors decided it would be for the best for both the women and the babies for a c section to be done the next as soon as possible.


It was decided to do it the following morning, but in the mean time they thought that in an attempt to calm the women down they would let them see each other for the first time for several months.


So in the evening they let the two women meet by putting together in a room and left to see if their behaviours would improve. Alas, as soon as the door closed the two women began to snarl and hiss at each other. The two women retreated to opposite sides of the room.


All of a sudden, for no reason, the white women collapsed and stopped breathing. Highly distressed after seeing the other women collapse to the floor the African woman ended up blocking the door preventing emergency people from getting into the room. It took a good few minutes of attempting to get into the room before they were able to get in but not before having to tranquillise the woman to stop her hearting herself or the emergency crew. Sadly, by the time the emergency crew got to the white lady she had died. The lady was taken to the theatre to try and save the baby but sadly, by the time they got the mother to the operating theatre and the baby taken out, the baby had died too.


The African lady was taken to a medical room to recover and for observations. On the way, to everyone’s surprise, the young lady recovered from the tranquilliser dart rapidly. In a later investigation it was found some absent minded person had used a plant based tranquilliser. This over-site allowed the African lady get up and fight ferociously with the doctors and nurses taking her to the medical wing. Security, did not arrive until it was too late, she had overpowered the doctors and nurses and had escaped. She was last seen heading towards the stairs and it was presumed she was heading to the roof. The presumption was proved right, as she was spotted on the roof by the cameras around the building. The African lady had found a cable connecting two of the buildings in the complex and decided to use it to get to the fire escape on the other building.


At 3 stories up, the lady grabbed on to the cable and began to shimmy herself across the gap between the two buildings try and escape.


By half way across the gap, the lady was joined by security on the roof having broken down the door to the roof. The lady had barricaded the door with a table and chairs that where on the roof for staff that smoked. A call for a net to be brought to the scene to catch her if she fell was sent as soon as they saw where the lady was, but, it was too late. Her weight over stretched the cable and it broke.


The lady fell 3 stories landing on an iron fence which was topped with spikes. Both mother and baby died instantly from the fall.


It was not until the next day that an investigation began into what had happened. They first did an autopsies on the women and babies to ascertain what had happened to the women which caused them to go green and become hostile. Threw the investigation it was found that the women’s immune system had been damaged to such an extent that it was almost non existent. It was further found that the the babies had in fact caused the damage in a bid to protect themselves from the mothers immune system. This action and damage then allowed the babies hormones to influence the mothers behaviour. The babies craved light and open space so had forced the mothers to act the fact they were hostile was primitive instances being amplified by the damage done by the damaged immune system on the brains. The brain had been attacked as the babies hormones had been affecting the women’s brains, so being seen as a foreign body by, what was left of the immune system and therefore attacked it.


It was decided to look at the genes of the babies one more time and try to resolve the outstanding issues. It was decided that if this final test did not work, then they would abandon the project.


Therefore in December of 2043 on New Year’s Eve the last experiment began with hope and caution.


Not much is known about the only mother in the test. What is known about the woman was that she was an Asian lady in here early 20’s and was fit and healthy.


Over the first 3 months, everything went well and every test they did showed everything to be normal.


In the second 3 months the same thing happened to the others but this time, it was far less severe. Drugs were given and after less than a 24 hours things were fine and after 2 days the mother could come off of the immunosuppressive drugs.


The 3rd trimester (Last 3 months of the pregnancy) started well with little changes to behaviour. The women began to crave sunlight and become a vegetarian, unlike the last test subjects she did not become a vegan. But as the last trimester flowed on the mother’s condition deteriorated and by the end of the 7th month the mother had become anti-social and actively tried to hide from everyone. On top of that, her skin also became a pale green colour unlike the previous women who had gone almost a slime green colour in sections.


At the 8th month of the pregnancy it all started to came to head. The mother deteriorating, becoming ill and aggressive towards the doctors and staff.


It came to a point, that to treat her, they had to restrain her. It was decided that a C-section would be needed to try and save the mother and the baby’s life.


So on the morning of Tuesday, the 23rd of August 2044 an emergency C-section was done and the first Green baby was born.


The baby was a little girl, weighing 3.231kg (7lb 2oz). The doctors named the little girl Hope as wished for by the mother.


To great sadness and upset to everyone, the mother, after the C-section, never came round from the antiseptic. The lady fell into a coma and then died 3 days later of blood poisoning.


The birth of baby Hope spurred on the lab to create 5 more babies by the September 2045 of which were named Tom, Matilda, Mandy, Oliver and Success, who was the first to be born naturally and have the mother survive.


Other than these details, there are no surviving record of the kids. It is also not known what happened to them after they left the labs or if they died at the lab.


With the birth of Success at the end of September 2045, the lab decided to unveil to the world the green children. So for the first time in front of the world’s media they would let the world know of their break through and show the world Hope.


The Green children were all hailed as the solution to the world’s problem and every detail about them was wanted to be know. But in a major blunder the lab decided to try and keep personal information from getting released to the public. This decision would come back to haunt the lab. With very little information being known to the general public about the project, it fuelled the Anti-Mod groups with areas they could exploit.  From cover-ups of deaths to dodgy dealings at the lab, the anti-mod groups invented stories. Some of the wide spreading ones were, the kids were kept is cages and feed bread and water diets, and that the lab was creating super virus to wipe out all non-greens by the end of the century.


On the contrary to the wide spread untruth, records that survived showed the opposite was actually true. The kids loved being outside and this led to all classes they had being conducted outside to help them. Although this did mean they did get very energetic in summer and very lethargic in the winter.  The records also showed in the middle of 2048 in June and July they did eat very well, but ate little. It was constantly commented that the portions needing to be made smaller as the children could not eat all the food. It can be seen in the size of adult greens having 50% smaller stomachs compared to normal humans.


At the time, however, the Anti-Mod groups where strong and by 2048 countries with a powerful religious presents had banned the entry of anyone who had connections to the green people. They also banned the entry of all of the green people, who had been given by some the name of “Duel Fuels”. The justification in some cases was “Health Concerns” which had been debunked hundreds of times.


In a bid to improve the situation they had, by this stage, began to allow people to volunteer to be mothers. This also allowed them to give tours to prospective parents of the lab to reassure them that the lab was acting in the best interests of everyone.


This action did start to get more people to come and look and get the real story. The majority of the country in which the lab was did support the lab and what they were doing.


In this time the survival rates of the mothers had now reached 79.49% and this resulted in 506 births in 2048 and more the next year.


It is estimated that the numbers of Green people by the end 2050 where more than 2500 green children ranging from Hope who was 6 to just born. It is noted that around 95% of the green children where under 3 years old.


This “explosion” of “unnatural creatures” and “Genetic research gone wrong meant that people outside of the home country flocked to the Anti-Mod movements and attack by hard liners scientist become common place in many places around the world when they went on overseas visits to try and calm the situation down.


March 2051 was the month Greens call Dark Month. In that month the Lab that created the people in the first place was discovered by the Anti-Mod protesters. This discovery allowed the hard-liners to organise an attack on the lab on the night of 12th, Mauritius Independence Day, as a symbolic gesture to the founder of the Anti-Mod group who was currently in jail for murder of a mother who had planned on becoming a surrogate.


Records from both sides do shed some light on what happened the night the Greens call Vicious Mauritius Day. Still a bone of contention between Mauritius and the Green population.


Records via CCTV cameras and attacks video camera put the first assault at 8:34pm. The attacker started there attack from the south-west of the complex and assaulting the rear gate which was thought to be less defended.. The man in charge that night was Nile Hopkins and had formulated a plan to have the attackers attack the rear by making it look weak when in reality it was heavily defended.


The plan worked and allowed Nile to help people escape the lab before and after it was over run by the attackers via the East exit.


Records from the night that survive show that 400 staff were on duty, 46 Green children, and 18 pregnant, most of which where in the hospital wing with 18 more volunteer staff. It is also noted that alongside staff and other people in the complex there was 100 expertly trained guards. Most of these guards where ex Army and where permitted to be armed with a range of weapons to protect the lab.


One ex guard would later revealed they carried everything from crowd control weapons like Capsicum  spray and rubber bullets to lethal anti-tank weapons like RPG’s.


The attackers where first repelled by crowd control weapons. At around 9 pm the first bullet was fired, it is still not known who fired the first shot but by 9:10pm the official order for lethal weapons was sent by Nile.


This information is only known because some of the paperwork was saved by one of the guards and would later help acquit Nile of murder.


At 12:03 protesters broke down the main gate of the lab with a digger and rapidly stormed the lab.  Little resistance was meet by the protesters as they stormed into the main lobby, but where rapidly forced back out of the lobby by a hail of gun fire from the guards.


It this time the last of the staff and people where escaping the lab and only a few where left unaccounted for.


The Head of the Children’s Department show that she counted 304 Staff, 42 Green People, 17 Pregnant women and 17 Hospital Staff escaped via the East exit. It is known these figures are not complete as only 38 Guards, 10 staff, 3 Green children were missing or found dead the next day in the burn out shell of the lab. One of the identified dead was a Nurse called Tania Woodcolt. As the attackers entered the building she risked her life to save pregnant lady from the protesters. The lady survived and recalled her heading back in to find a child they had heard whilst escaping.


It was not till the next day her body was found by firefighters putting out the last of the flames. To everyone’s sadness, the truth was tragic, she had found the child and where only meters from safety. It would be later confirmed that the child’s body was of Hope.


Hope had been so badly burned it took 3 days to identify her and her funeral was held 2 days later in a closed coffin service.


Today Tania Woodcolt is remembered via a charity in her name pushing for green rights around the world.


As for the father of the Green People, he was forced to fled and it is unknown what happened to him or where he went. The government had made sure of that.


Over the next few years, things got worst for anyone who helped green people and any green people who survived. People started to actively hunt down people who helped create the Green People, anyone who helped them and any of the children that survived.


Worse still in September of 2051, it was announced that there was a new way to get on-line.


The new Web World was billed as the solution to all of the problems that affected the world including the problem of food and water consumption.


These kits were cheap enough for people of the well-off to be able to afford it but not the normal man on the street.


Over the following years the costs came down and more people began to live solely on-line.


Green People began to be viewed as pests and not as people. The UN was useless in stopping the problem and would help fuel the problem by classifying them as a different species and not human.


It would be another 5 years before they classified green people as humanoid and protected by human rights.


Protests ensued in extremely religious countries and many people were hunted down and killed because of their support for these “Pests”.


In some of these countries underground movements supported by governments actively hunt greens even organise formally hunts.


Most countries that tolerate greens treat greens as slaves or work animals.


Now in 2094, not much has changed, most Green People do hard labour work with little pay. An official count last December showed that only 2% of Green People ever go on-line in our city. This compared to 92% of Humans living on-line of which 67% never come off-line.


This count also showed that the average life spans are vastly different with Green People living on average to 61 years and the average humans living to 92 years old.


As of writing there is a growing group of people standing up for the Green People. These including Green for Peace, Anonymous and The Real Contributors.


Over the last 5 years the 3 of them have lobbied hard in many countries to get the laws changed  help the green populations in the countries.


As it stands a number of countries have started granting citizenship to greens and many are starting to put sanctions on anti green companies and countries.


Hopefully, in a few years, they will be free from the stigma of being different and not naturally created. It is hoped they will become seen for what they where created for to be a helping hand to the world to help solve the problems the world has.





Chapter 3

The rich side of town.




“’Going Green’ was the staple book of my Green history education my parents made sure of that.” I thought as a continued to walk down the road towards New Town.


Thinking about that it now, it’s very impressive how far Green people have come since the On-line World Wars. It’s now possible for Greens to own businesses. Mr Salecl was the first in our area. Heck they can own property, use the same streets, access points to the internet and they can even use the public bathrooms dotted around the city.


Some say it was a similar situation for the greens to people in a Southern Country of Africa in the late 20th century. I think they called it Apartheid or something like that. I’m a bit fuzzy on my 20th century history.


After a few minutes I got to edge of New Town. New Town was beautiful and as you got closed to the centre of the area the colours got more vibrant. The whites became brighter and cleaner almost clinical. The blues became more royal blue and the greens became brighter and less hash in appearance. When it came to the rest of the place more flowers of different colours started to appear and more light would flood down to the street. This was because the closer you got to the centre of the New Town district the building became lower in height, more spaced out and lined with parks and large boulevards.


The area had been designed as the ‘New Town’ of tomorrow for people who lived the majority of their lives online. It was envisioned at the time people would occasionally come off to go to see friends and do things like seeing the doctors or the dentists. However as people began to live on-line it came apparent that people had less need to come off-line and ‘New Town’ became a redundant Prototype. For the area a saving grace was the area had a great feel and still does. Thus it became a magnet for the lower end of the upper class.


As I reached the centre of ‘New Town’ I saw the massive open area, Maspark. Maspark was a massive park, for all the residence of the area, who didn’t live on-line, to come enjoy the fresh air and nice weather. It had been put in at the very beginning. It had been one of the reasons the lower – upper class had moved to this area. It was a nice day, so as you can gather with most people living on-line the park quiet. Even on a brilliant day like today with the sun shining and few clouds in the sky it would be not be hard to find a quiet corner of the park.


As I walked into the park from the south-west I felt a stone running around in my shoe. With miles to go I decided that I best deal with it sooner rather than later. Looking around I found a low wall and sat down to take a stone out.


Taking my shoe off, I had a quick look around. In the park I could see only a few people or groups. The site made me think to myself that, “On a miserable day you could drop a pin and no one in a 10 block area would hear it.”


Taking the stone out of the shoe I began to look more closely at what was going on in the park. A couple of old people playing a giant game of chess, a couple of people running on the vertical wall, I will tell you great fun when it is wet, and then a small group of teenagers having a gaming session using old style Virtual Reality (VR) head gear. I knew that fact by the fact every minute or so you could hear things like:


“Tim, I need your help!”, with another in the group saying “Sod you I got my own problems!”


Another brilliant one was: “You thicko YOU just shoot ME in the back…” short pause “AGAIN!!”


In this instance the situation got even funnier with a retaught of “Ctrl T U” followed up by another asking “Ant that ‘T’ supposed to be an ‘F’?”  Of which a sharp reply of “He is not on the Blue Team” came back making even the elderly people playing chess even giggle. For me I was in stiches having watched an old “video” Sammy liked.


After regaining my composure I put my shoes back on. As I did, I saw a man walking towards me dressed in a light grey uniform with a badge on it.


Without even looking closer at the badge I knew it was an Area Warden.


Area Wardens are people are employed the local residence to keep out the unwanted “riff raff”. And when I mean “riff raff” I’m talking about anyone from the less desirable placed of the city. These included areas like Wormstrum, Blackstone and The district of Rotatua. Both Blackstone and Rotatua were to the south east of us.


For the people of my area, Mooi, we had gained the trust of the local residences of New Town over a number of years and now without a pass to be in the square we are welcome as long as we proved we were from Mooi and don’t cause any trouble.


As the warden reached me he asked the same old question always asked by them first, “Pass?”


“Mooi” I reply


“Proof?” he asks holding out his hand to me.


Reaching into my bags strap pocket and pull out my multi licence and hand it to him.


As he looked at it and examined every millimetre of it, I asked: “Had some trouble here over the last couple of days?”


The warden looked up from my ID to examine me to see if the photo was of me as he did, he replied “Yer, 3 different groups have attacked the area in the last 2 days.”


Passing my ID back to me I ask him “Who do you think are attacking the park?”


Before he answered he hands me a green slip that says I have been check by him and if anyone else asks me if I have permission to be here today I could show this slip.


“At the moment, we know one of the groups was the ‘Green K’. The others are thought to be ‘Lower Down’ and the street offshoot of W.O.L.F called ‘SAW WeB’.”


“Who?” I asked looking puzzled having never heard of SAW Web before.


“Streets Are Where WE Belong, they only started up about a month ago after the major raid in the 9th Quarter of the city.” He replies putting his pad away from giving me the green slip.


“Oh, well, I will keep an eye out for trouble for you on my travels. If I see anything I will let you know.” I reply folding the green slip into me bags strap pocket with my ID.


“Sounds good Shiro, now, you have a good day and please stay out of trouble, I have enough on my plate with the gangs.” he replies with a smile on his face as he turns and walks away from me.


“Don’t worry I am only passing through to do a job so you won’t have to worry about me,” I reply to him.


He waves his hand in the air to say see you and continues to walk away across the open area to a group sitting faraway to the North West on a small hill.


With that and the stone out of my shoe I got up and began to walk across the park to the exit I needed. Being near on 3.5km across it took me near on an hour to cross. The trip made me navigate the winding paths to reach the bridge to cross ‘The Future River’. The river cuts the park in to two, East and West. On the West side, it is more open ground unlike the East which is more wooded and planted. This difference allowed me to cut across the grassy areas to reach the North East corner and out of the park.


As I walked out of the North East corner gate of the park I saw what use to be an old shopping centre. It made me remember when my parents use to talk about its heyday back in the late 21st Century. They said that when it opened tens of thousands of people flocked to the centre for its opening. There were bands and actors lining up to open the centre to signal the start of the regeneration of the area.


Over the next few years, the rich and famous moved into the area and the shops became upmarket but a few small shops stayed for us, normal people. 10 years later things had all changed, the house for the very rich had been built up in areas like Burd’s Ridge on the East side of the city and Narrow Beach in the North West of the city on the coast of the bay. This construction moved the rich away from New Town. Added with more and more people where living solely online the centre eventually had to close because it could no longer sustain itself.


Over the next few years the owners of the building tried to look for a use for the building or a buyer. It was luck and a lot of work to keep the “Rif Raf” out of the new abandoned shopping centre.


But, good timing a few years ago a brilliant architect designed a way to keep the building as in tacked as possible and convert it into accommodation. The building would service the rich again and would boast the best facilities for people to live solely online in the who of the south of the city.


Now, people like my friend, Juliet, live in this upmarket accommodation. She moved in about 5 years ago after the old owner died.


The building itself is what you would expect from a shopping centre to look like. It had a very large 3 story front with a arch in the middle from floor to ceiling made of glass and steel. The walls were mostly sandstone and glass. The building had sharp lines and a harsh contrast with other buildings around it. This building really did define the end of the 21st Century’s architecture.


Inside the building was now very different. It was the most luxuries place in the world with smooth lines and complement colours that contrasted well. The rooms were massive with around 200 square meters for the lower level places and a massive 1000 square meters for the penthouse suites that overlooked the whole of the central New Town area.


It’s just a shame that when you live in a place like that you never really ever use the space.


My friend, Juliet, is one of the residences of the building and she owns the penthouse suites that faces the park. It is a shame that she never comes off-line, her place has a beautiful view.


When she moved out of her parent’s home in Harrison Hill the movers had to move her while she slept so not to disturb her routine and life.


They even went to the trouble of installing a wireless point onto the transporter just in case something went wrong during the move and she woke up before she was in her new place.


Thinking on that line, Mr Salecl’s brother did the job. Mr Salecl said when the job got given to his brother’s company she had remarked to the brother when he turned up online to get the contract sign, that “I have never seen a Green person before. I thought they were just a story told by my parents.”


His reply had been great “Yer, we like to stay active off-line and do the work others are too lazy to do.”


Walking passed the doors of the centre, my watch went off. I had received a text message. It was from Juliet; “Speaking of the Devil,” I thought as I opened the message.


The message read:



I C U in my ptch! how u doing? wnt 2 met ^ som ??



It took me a second to work out what the last symbol was then it dawned on me. “I think she meant ‘time’ from the last character, not an Arminian symbol for ‘eternity’. Welllll, at least it is a measurement of time.” I thought as I replied saying that “I was on a job and would the weekend be good for her.”


As I sent the message I thought to myself “Why am I asking? She is always free” At that moment I thought about getting back to the job and remembered that my bike lived at here place having almost walked past it. With a quick turn, I walked to the carpark entrance and headed down into the underground carpark. As I did I noticed out of the corner of my eye a camera was following me. I thought for a second than then realised that it would just be security check who is coming into the carpark, they know me well enough. Reaching Juliets spot at the back of the carpark, I saw my beautiful bike, Royal Blue in colour and ready to go. Juliet had said to me a few years ago that I could store my bike at her place as long as I needed to, since she never used the spot.


Jumping on my bike and putting on my helmet I thought about Juliet. Juliet was lucky she was rich enough to never work, her dad had made sure of it. Juliet was smart and had realised that if she never touched the money she could simply live off the interest and could do what she wanted without being restricted by work.


This thought made me think as I exited the carpark and cycled up the road, for her, every day was pretty much the same. Day in and day out the same routine, she would probably be parting about now. Her diary must be very boring.




Chapter 4


Story 2


The On-line world


Juliet’s Diary 21-5-7 6



Dear Diary



As normal I awoke at 2 o’clock and refreshed my image. Lets not talk about how many new wrinkles I found in the refresh 🙁


So I did a quick edit with the paint brush to get ridd of them and even I had to go “Oh My Titans, she looks good!!!!”


After cleaning up my look I had my usual breakfast of cereal and coffee, got dressed into the gorgeous dress I bought yesterday, the long black dress from SaperTrop SuperTop and decided the high heals were today’s shoes.


That done I got my files in order for tomorrows trip to the spa with the girls and then got the house to work cleaning, refreshing, and updating all of my stuff to new versions.


Saying that I got a new loader yesterday night. It replaced my old ‘type the destination’ junk heap with the new white and light blue speak and travel model.


Having used it today I can happily say it is the must have for any person with any self respect and class.


I will tell you all now that when I used it this morning and travelled to the shopping centre to meet my friend it was marvellous.


Tell you when I got the house working I just walked into it said “Central Centre Shopping Centre” and poof I was off. Did not have to type or fiddling to get the keys to work it just did it. Oh and instead of a black loading screen this new one has a couple of ads and then you arrive at the destination, SOOO COOL 🙂


Any who, I got to the shopping centre at round 2:30 and had to pay for parking my loader, NOT COOL.


Ever since the place got taken over by that overpowering search company everything has gone to pot. We will have to look for a new place to hang out.


On the other hand walking down to the main boulevard to meet the gang I can see that the graphics for the buildings and the boulevard are better.


Now you can’t even see the pixels that make up the buildings unless you really look very, very closely. The old graphics you could see the pixels that made up the place a mile off.


Also now, they have added more plants and more places for people to sit down inside the centre. The place now a lot bigger with more shops or enlarged ones ?. There was now a centre plant divider make this already class place look even more the business.


Any-who, near the end of the planters, the cinema stands in it’s newly refurbished art-Deco front and I will tell you it looks soooo awesome.


(Even if it only came second in the recent refurb competition 🙁 )


Back to the story.


Tarra, Sammy, Chi and Nakita where waiting for me looking like the the bees knees. They had gone shopping before I arrived and boy had they found some fab stuff.


Tarra, was in a new Racing green one piece knee length dress with red high heals, tell you one thing only a thin African could pull that off they way she did.


Sammy had got a new out fit like my occasional on-line friend Shiro but as normal Chi had gotten an Asia number and by god it looked good.


But as with every group one is different Nakita was in a black Gothic look with a hint of late 1990’s flare.



The movie we had all decided to see was at 2:45, and was a new one called “Black Hole Therory and it was about some adventurer tring to prove his therory about black holes and as with all movies things go wrong and in the end… well won’t give the ending away you have to see it.


It was 5* film I have to get it some time.


Any who, after the movie, which ended round 3:15, we went down to a new place that had opened up about a month ago called Home Food I think and OMT it was.. WOW!!!!!


Home Style that was it’s name. Any way it made the best Home styles food I have ever had it was soooooooooo nice even the others said they were sooo coming back next time they werre out on the town.


No wonder we had to reserve our place here 2 weeks in advance and pay. But tell you the place was buzzing with people you had to be there to experence the vib.


Our stall had a built in World Capturer to take photos of us there so we could tell all our friends where we were. I’ll tell you it saved us all the hassel of getting g out our World Capture enabled devices.


Everything was great with lunch (well Nakita’s and my lunch. For Tarra and Chi it was there Dinner and for Sammy it was midnight snack)  till about half way through when we got on to families and how things were going. I will transcribe at this point, Tarra said to me “When are you going to next see you dad, Juliet?”. I will tell you now, I stopped drinking and nearly spat it out when she said that.


Oh I ripped into her “OFF MYSELF!?! How dare you!!! I WILL NEVER lower myself to OFF-LINING myself, EVER!!”


I will tell you the room stopped you could have heard a pin drop a k off.


Finally Chi broke the silence by putting her hand on my shoulder and saying “Juliet, she didn’t mean to offend you. She was just curious to what might happen on seeing your dad.”


Tarra sheepishly piped up and said “I’m really sorry Juliet. Truly I am.”


It took a few seconds for me to calm down, but I was soooo offended by what she said even writing it now makes me angry.


Eventually, the place got back to normal and we were laughing when we left and decided to go clubbing.


Walking back to the car park we decided to meet up at a great club people have been buzzing about for the last 2 weeks called The Party Palace.


Everyone says that all 12 clubbing rooms are soo well decked out that you believe you are in the time the rooms are set.


Saying that I grabbed my loader (Which cost me $8 for 1hour 60 minutes!! Remind me to load with my friends next time) and headed to the Palace.


As we reached the entrence gateway security stopped the load and checked us all out to make sure we were all over 18. (Chi’s fake ID worked for a change!)


Once inside as people had said there where 12 incredible rooms you could party in, they where not wrong, the choice was unbelievable.


We all wanted different rooms, Chi wanted room 5 called 100 which had music from 2100 to 2110.


Tarra wanted Room 10 called TITAN Old which was music from round 1960 to round 2000.


Sammy wanted Room 8 called SAND 50 which only played S.A.N.D (So Anarchy N Drum) music which started from round 2070 and is still around today.


Room 6 was Nakita’s choice which played here favourite kind of music SNAP Rap.


Finally I wanted Room number 3, Rock Century music from 2000 to 2100 but as always I lost, when it came to old games Sammy found one called Rock Paper Scissors. (Whatever the Titan paper and scissors are?) Anyway we ended up in room 10 around 4:00.


On entering they were having a 1980’s hour and we grabbed a quieter corner at the back of the room to party in without being harassed by losers.


Saying that, Nakita still picked up a loser guy, who even I have to admit is really cute… Titan. But I got a guys number and I will tell you is really really cute… 1 UP!


Talking about 1 UP’ing, The one who always seems to always 1 Up me on excitement was wondering through my area in the off-line world. I dropped her a txt but she said she was on a job, but wanted to meet up on the weekend. Why did she said weekend? I’m always free and it’s not like she has a off-line 9 to 5.


Round 6:60 Sammy and Chi had to leave to get home as they had work in the morning, so the rest of us went to our normal after party place for dinner just outside The Party Palace called Giga.


It took 20 minutes to get there cause the rush was on when the majority of people are moving around the world and the idiot loader attendant could not find our loaders!


Saying that we all had a great bit to eat, had a great chat then said our goodbyes for the night.


I finally got home round 7:30 a bit drunk from the alcohol which finally kicked in and ended up crashing on the sofa.


It was not till 9:70 that I finally realised that I was not in bed and as a bonus I missed all of my programs that I wanted to watch.. Titan it.


Oh well I will down them later and watch them.


I had a quick shower and a bit to eat now that I was up got changed out of my clothes and into my PJ’s. I will tell you after the day I have had I am glad I am finally sitting in my bed writing in you, diary. It’s now late really late round about 9:75 so I best get back to bed.


That my diary was that and just a normal day in my life hopefully something big will happen tomorrow and I can have some real fun.




P.S have to ring that cute guy, he was soooo dreamy.



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